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Here at VTV. we are always seeking for new talents to join our team of professionals. If you a person who like to learn, love working hard, break glass ceilings and want to be a part of a winning team – you should definitely work with us

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Junior Backend Developer

If you have excellent programming skills and a passion for developing applications or improving existing ones, we would like to meet you. As a Back-end developer, you’ll work closely with the Head of Product to ensure system consistency and improve user experience. Ultimately, you should be able to develop and maintain functional and stable web applications to meet our company’s needs.

iOS Mobile developer

Job description Work with product managers and designers to iterate on and define product scope and design, delivering high quality code. Contribute to team and peer activities such as code review, special features tasks forces, hackathons, etc. QA, problem-solving, documentation Develop native iOS applications and frameworks using Swift and, rarely, Objective-C. Define and implement robust app architectures and complex user interfaces. Apply knowledge of iOS system frameworks to solve novel problems. Collaborate with designers, engineers, and product managers to build great experiences.

Account Management

The Video Account Manager will work with his accounts to conduct daily analysis to perform and achieve effective growth of his accounts, track post-launch performance, provide strategic direction for new opportunities to grow revenue. The Account Manager will largely focus on optimizing existing relationships by upselling new initiatives to partners.

Senior Media Buyer

We are looking for a highly motivated, outbound driven Media Buyer to join our team. The Media Buyer is responsible for identifying relevant websites and mobile application to support and expand our publisher network. Successful candidates are strong communicators who are personable, organized, and highly motivated to move fast and sign more deals.

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