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Your door to all of our free games! Learn what we offer and decide what to play. New games will be launching each month

Hundreds of news pieces from all over the world about your favorite celebs, waiting just for you!

Control the frog into the chain of colored balls and shoot a blast to match three or more colored marble balls. It may sound easy, but it’s as challenging as it is addictive!

Get retro with this new take on the gaming classic! Break the walls, gain the trophies, and no matter what you do – don’t drop the ball!

The ultimate recipe center, with great ideas and videos to get your kitchen into a whole new level

Don’t miss on all the hottest topics in American and world politics. Political analysis, interviews and much, much more

Sports updates, interviews and news all waiting for you in this free channel, to keep track with your favorite athletes and teams

Follow the newest trends in the DIY field, and who knows? You might get your house a wrap-up too!

Romantic comedies, thrillers, action & drama movies- all for free and in one channel, so get some popcorn and lay back, we’ll take it from here

Control the shuttle and cut territories out of the space, all while trying to avoid those horrible monsters! Sounds good? Get a hold on our version of the classic

Remember when you were bored in class and became a master in mapping the mines field?! Use these skills now here, and for FREE!

Meet Poko, the coolest dog in da hood. Get him to across the obstacle scale and to the other side of the city. Why? Because that’s how Poko rolls

Gossip? Got it. News? Right here! Sports? Yup. Our homebase channel is as fun as it is diverse. So dive in!

The most popular board puzzle in the world, also known as Shanghai Solitaire, is waiting for you here, and for absolutely free. Match open pairs of identical tiles, and remove all tiles to complete the board. That is, if you’re up for the task…

Follow the leader in our take of the “simon says”-like classic game. The longer you play it, the harder it gets. Will you be able to keep up?

Clear as many lines as possible by completing rows of blocks without empty space. But if the shapes surpass the Skyline – it is game over! Strategy and speed can go a long way here, Are you up for the challenge?

The loved classic with a pirate twist. Watch out to not drop the ball, or you may find yourself walking the plank

This is a free and funny color-matching puzzle video game. Match the various painted Easter eggs by swapping them in the grid. 

Your door to all of our free channels! Learn what we offer and decide what to watch: News, Movies, Lifestyle and much more

The snake’s goal is picking up as much fruits as possible and trying to avoid hitting the walls, its own tail, or the poisons.

Don’t miss on all the hottest topics in worldwide health news

Group your bubbles to achieve your goal to the next level. But think well before you Pop or else you will lose higher points. Come play with us, it is fun, it is FREE

Let’s get prehistoric with our beloved classics!
Make sure you don’t drop the ball, or you may end-up inside a volcano, or between a T-Rex’s teeth!

Traffic hits hard with this AMAZING car race!

Dodge the other cars while racing through the highway at maximum speed – and adrenaline – to reach new high-scores!

Solitaire is a popular and classic card game you know and love.

We carefully designed a fresh solitaire free with an Egypt look, woven into the wonderful solitaire classic feel that everyone loves.

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